FDA issues sunscreen guidelines


WASHINGTON — The FDA released on Thursday a set of guidelines aimed clarifying the ingredients that sunscreen makers must produce to prove the products are safe and effective.

The new guidelines stem from requirements in the Sunscreen Innovation Act.

"Sunscreens are intended to be used on a regular basis in liberal amounts and over large portions of the body surface whenever consumers are exposed to the sun. And yet some sunscreen active ingredients may be absorbed through the skin into the body, making it important to complete studies in humans to determine whether, and to what extent, consumers’ use of sunscreen products as directed may result in unintended, chronic, systemic exposure to these ingredients," the FDA said in a statement.

The FDA also recommended alternatives to sunscreen, such as finding shade and wearing hats, clothing and sunglasses to avoid exposure. 

"Sunscreens are a valuable tool for sun safety and public health, but of course, are not the only tool. Seeking shade at peak sunlight hours and wearing protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses are key to every sun protection plan. The sunscreen page on FDA’s website provides useful information for sun safety," the agency said.


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