ModiFace allows shoppers to try on and buy lipstick on Facebook


TORONTO -- ModiFace, which creates augmented reality technology for the beauty and medical industries, has launched the world's first conversational beauty adviser for Facebook Messenger.

The ModiFace chatbot, which has expert knowledge of over 5,000 beauty products, enables shoppers to search for their perfect makeup products by conversing with ModiFace and asking questions about color, brand name or shade name. 

"Conversational interfaces are a great fit with shoppers interested in getting beauty advice easily on the go. This will be the first of many steps to expand and improve what is possible for consumers through a chat interface," read a statement on the ModiFace website.

The ModiFace bot utilizes advanced facial tracking and simulation technology, along with ModiFace's experience mapping and understanding beauty products. Once a consumer has found an ideal shade, she can try the product on her own photo by simply taking a photo within Messenger. Users are also able to purchase products directly from the bot, which connects to beauty retailers.

“What we always envisioned is to create the ultimate beauty advisor, and an AR try-on is certainly central to that. But having a conversational interface exactly as you would for a beauty advisor is key,” said Parham Aarabi, founder and CEO of ModiFace, in a recent article on “Beauty is a very social thing, and the ability to converse to find the right beauty products is key. So when Facebook opened up their platform so people can chat with bots, we thought this was perfect for our technology.”

ModiFace has produced makeup try-on apps such as L’Oreal Paris’ Makeup Genius and most recently developed an app for Avon.