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This is the natural girl’s new beauty mecca


While Sephora and Ulta duke it out for a greater share of the mainstream beauty market, Credo is elevating the beauty experience with clean, natural products, beautiful packaging and just the right amount of service without seeming intimidating or out-of-touch. 

Yahoo News asked Credo’s founder Shashi Batra for a crash course on what makes the store so special.

"We set out to create Credo because we saw no place where this emerging group of beautiful brands (we identified over 100 of them), could find a place to present themselves in an environment where there was expertise, elegance and beauty," Batra said. "Our mission is to change the way people think about what they put on their bodies. We do this by providing a destination that has the most comprehensive collection of beautiful, effective and safe beauty brands and products in the world."

Credo currently has two stores (San Francisco and New York), with plans for more.

Read more about Credo and why consumers are increasingly seeking clean beauty products by clicking here.

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