Neutrogena unveils a light therapy mask for acne


LOS ANGELES -- Popular skin care brand Neutrogena has created an innovative LED face mask that treats facial acne with just one step, sending therapeutic red and blue wavelengths into the skin at the speed of light.

Neutrogena says its new Light Therapy Acne Mask is the only home LED device that uses this dual-action approach to disrupt the acne cycle and deliver clearer, healthier skin.

Features of the new Light Therapy Acne Mask include:

  • 12 Blue LED bulbs give off light at a wavelength that kills the P.acnes bacteria linked to breakouts

  • 9 Red LED bulbs emit a wavelength of light that penetrates deep into the skin to calm inflammation

  • LEDs are designed to last at least 720 sessions

  • The mask, which weighs less than a pound, sits on the face supported by a sunglasses style frame

  • Small LCD screen indicates number of remaining sessions

  • Push power button for one second to start the session; the mask turns off automatically

  • Slightly conical shape and highly-reflective inner surface enhance the reflection of light onto the skin

  • Amber-colored plastic lenses minimize glare, while allowing the user to multitask at other activities during the 10 minute treatment

  • Height 7.4”, Width 5”

  • Powered by 4 alkaline AA batteries (included)

The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask is available now at retailers nationwide for an SRP of $39.99.


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